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SmartTec Systems Smart Home Lighting Nottingham

If you want your lights and home appliances to be smart, Philips Hue is the way to go. SmartTec Systems can design, supply and install lighting and smart devices that are reliable, long-lasting and of a very high quality.

The basic Starter kit we install includes two bulbs and a bridge that links the bulbs to your smartphone or other controller. The two distinctively-styled bulbs can illuminate in any of 16 million colours, though you’ll probably find the few you most like quite quickly by changing the colour on the smartphone App.

The Philips Hue app is among the very best, simple to use and versatile. There’s also a wire-free dimmer switch that adjusts brightness and on/off functions for your lighting.

The Philips Hue systems we install can be controlled with your voice if you have Amazon Alexa in your home, and it’s also compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home. Versatile, simple and highly effective, SmartTec Systems can install smart home or business lighting systems and smart appliances you can rely on.

Standard brightness from the bulbs is 800 lumens, approximately the same as a traditional 60W bulb.

We offer full smart home or business lighting and appliance installations across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the East Midlands area.

Get in touch with us today for a free quotation to see how we can transform your home or business into the world of fully automated smart appliances.


SmartTec Systems Smart Home Lighting Nottingham